Augment Reality Top 3 Use Cases in Tango

Tango is a robust solution to create Augmented Reality solution using RGB cameras + Depth Sensor to record features in the environment. 

The way augment reality really shapes up to be a creation of building a new and relevant use cases for the real life. While the products are still not functionally construed, they create a very relevant images for the process.

VR and AR shines for products that otherwise would be an expensive proposition. The scenarios listed below are based on my assessment of Tango Depth Sensing Solution and Motion Tracking. 

1. Architecture

Architectural change to a house/building costs about $200-$400/sq-ft in US. The design also requires intense back and forth to get the right taste between the Architect and the owner. We experimented with an idea where you can take an application and position it to create a virtual building that allows changing furniture settings, color of the wall etc. 

With Tango, you can capture your own home and simulate the design to better understand the recommendation and your choice for colors. 

2. VPS - The holy grail for Last Mile

In Google IO 2017, Google launched Visual Positioning System that allows to navigate indoors in Malls, Airports and Casinos. But beyond that, it also provides Pose data of the phone which helps you know about the store, reviews and much more local information then was previously possible. 

3. Robots/Drone Navigation

Indoor navigation is still a technical challenge but with Google's efforts to build robot and drone platform using Tango is a big step towards building an end-to-end solution for these platforms. Combine this with IoT devices + ML and you start solving issues that really improve your life. For .e.g. Imagine a scenario where Drone flies out to a indoor room to check on the sensor or robot brings you washing machine liquid from the pantry. 






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