Building a hardware product(Part 1)

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Building a hardware Product

Taking on the challenge of building a hardware/software product is exciting to me. Here, I am going to document the process of implementing a hardware/software prototyping product that allows the users to get a full prototyping experience. 

As a simple start, I would like to build a custom scent dispenser for home. A scent dispenser that is trigger based on the events:

  • Some one walks in/out of the door
  • A timer that resets for about 30 mins 
  • A calendar based trigger if there is an event planned for the day
  • Stretch goal: A notifier if the dispense is running out of the steam

Hardware Platform

  • Arduino or Spark platform
  • IR sensor for motion 
  • Relay to turn on/off
  • Timer for control
  • Using Sketch for programming

Next up: Sketch the design and scope out the hardware implementation. 

Jinal Dalal