Executive Summary

  • Built and Shipped 7 products at Google as Hardware TL/M

  • Experience building Engineering software and hardware products in new and existing markets with over $X00M revenue.

  • Head of Product(HW/SW) for AR/VR products.

  • Experience building a team of over 10 people extending from Mountain View to Singapore. Interviewed over 200  HW/SW Engineers, TPM, PM and Test Engineers.  

  • Built teams from scratch involving multiple disciplines including software test, QA, software engineering and firmware. Launched features for Google Maps now in over 100 countries and 40 languages.

  • In Hardware, launched products to production(10M Units) for enterprise and consumer space as Lead EE and PM.

  • Interviewed over 100+ candidate for PM, Eng roles


May 2015 - Present  Google Daydream Augmented/Virtual Reality R&D Lead

  • Led a team of Engineers to build hardware and software products ranging from AR Drones to Ultrasound Solution.

  • I initiated and led business case, Go-To strategy for new markets including China, Product Strategy and Team formation.

  • Key Strategist for hardware and software roadmaps.

  • Spearheaded product vision from the inception for 360 Degree Camera System involving over XX cameras.

  • Set product strategy for the next 5 years including execution strategy, hiring and deployment.

  • Define marketing, legal and software strategy engaging with cross-functional teams.

  • Developing a Daydream product from concept on the paper and currently in early production phase

  • Initiated a partnership with Asian Manufacturer by visiting Taipei, Taiwan, closed on the business deal

  • Designed UI and ID design for the product by engaging with IDEO


May 2013 - May 2015  Sr. Product Manager, Google Storage Infrastrastructure

  • Designed and Developed a storage product from scratch enabling automation using Robotics

  • Build up a team from scratch including Software, Thermal, Mechanical and Software QA

  • Business Development with a partner in Asia engaging with SVP and CEO

  • Storage product serves about 50% of the market


May 2012 - May 2013  Sr. Product Manager, Google Maps

  • Launched unified signup flow on I was the Lead PM for a cross-functional team of 20 in 3 verticals(G+, Geo and Ads).

  • Through ads, Places brings $2B/year by onboarding new merchants.

  • Signup flow reduced time by 30% and increase completion 10%.

  • Launched new flow in 150 countries as part of internationalization effort. Engaged with Sales and Marketing to define the product.

  • Worked with UI, Legal, Finance, Marketing and Sales for launch! This team is led by Qasar Younis(YC part-time partner) whose company Talkbin was acquired by Google and so team’s culture is much more flexible in ownership of products/features and priorities.

  • Led Google Places 3rd Party Pilot. This was the first effort in Places team to support 3P. Potential to bring over 1B in revenue through merchants.

  • Defined and launch 2 new verification methods increasing verification rates by 2x. Automated verification requires minimal user engagement and higher conversion rate.

  • Launched Monthly Newsletter for Geo now sent to over 300 recipients including Alan.

  • Subject matter expert on Bluetooth Low Energy use cases and presented to VPs and Directors to put resources behind the product ideas/feature for retailers.


  • On a day to day basis, prioritized key deliverables, features working with leadership, engineers and data team. Final decision maker for product changes and features.

  • Ran several UX studies with SMB merchants to understand users.

  • Mentored junior PMs and brought them up to speed on the architecture and user profiles for all products.

April 2006-  May 2012  Technical Lead, Google Inc

Led 2 Storage projects in Data Center saving $XXM/yr in Opex. Took product from inception to production with a cross-functional team of over 20 engineers, R&D, Software and Supply Chain Organization. Responsible for identifying and gathering customer requirements, defining and formalizing product deliverables and architecting the best solution.

Product Role

  • Expert in Data center server and storage architecture, design and software solutions

  • Define architecture and publish product requirements based on the customer research, surveys and technology shifts.

  • Analyze big data for storage platform performance, utilization, failures. Build dashboards and scripts to analyze using python.

  • Designed solutions for storage stack from application layer to block layer including BigTable, SQL.

  • Create business case and TCO for multiple Google projects and presented to Urs Hoelzle(SVP) and Executive team to get approval for the concept. Build team from scratch to execute.

Engineering Role

  • Take product from inception to production, identify and resolve issues, create strategy for issues and execute on next steps.

  • Directly work with suppliers, OEMs in Asia on all phases of the product.

  • Drive major milestones, day to day schedules and cost.

Oct 2009 - Dec 2009 Side Project, Peeqshare Inc

  • Peeqshare is an iphone application to Identify and share new and cool local products. We sold iphone application for a small profit. This was a team of 2.

  • Led market research and defined product requirements.

  • Prototyped tons of ideas using Photoshop and wireframe tools

  • Created iphone application flow from user signup page to dashboard and all features associated with the app.

  • Marketing efforts to promote application through email, newsletters and website.

  • Demoed product to Sequoia(Timothy Lee) , Red Point Ventures(Tomasz) and Best Buy Capital.

May 2002 - March 2006  Design Engineer, Dell Inc

  • Lead Design Engineer for Dimension 240. This was the first $299 PC and Dell’s foray into the cheap PCs. We shipped 10M units in 9 months bringing in 6B in revenue.

  • Sustaining Engineer for Optiplex products resolving stop ship issues in 36 hours. This is working under the gun until issues are resolved and directly communicating progress to Michael Dell.

  • Worked on issues ranging from cloth fibers in pcie slot to switching VR issues due to high currents.

  • Reduce cost of ongoing product saving Dell over > $10M/year


MS in Computer Engineer at North Carolina State University   

BE in Electronics and Communication from Nirma Institute of Tech(Ahmedabad)


  • Dogfooded early versions Glass and all Nexus devices

  • Volunteer for

  • Arduino training to high school students - Present

  • Teaching assistant for Physics Lab at NC State 2000-2002